I Can Hardly Wait!!!

Yes, those were the words I uttered as a little boy at McKinley elementary school in Casper, Wyoming to my best friend Gus Holbrook in anticipation of getting out of school for the Christmas break and for that special day!
My little mind raced with such an expectancy of “What was in those presents” that I could not even sleep at night. My mother did such a great job at Christmas time – decorating, baking cookies, candy and fudge. She would wrap and display (it seemed) a new package everyday with my name on it (I think to just entice me more).
Just as the excitement of those anticipated days filled the air, our walk with God should be just the same. We should look forward to each day and make it a masterpiece of grace! The Holy Spirit has filled my mind and heart with that same spiritual enticement as my mother did those holiday seasons. Each day, spiritually speaking, the question should be raised, “What’s in this package of grace for me?” The awe inspiring gift of Christ is all I need! Thank you Mother for those special days, but most of all, Thank You Jesus for this continued anticipation and the opportunity to open a “package of grace” each day.
2 Cor. 9:13 – “Thanks be to God for this Unspeakable Gift”
Press’n On
Guy Kelly
1 Cor. 15:58

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