If you were allowed to write a letter to those hurting … What would you write?

“If you were allowed to write a letter to those hurting in the church…what would you write?”

I would start by saying I’m sorry for the pain people have caused you by allowing evil to engulf them.

I’m sorry your faith has been shaken because people choose self-righteousness over loving people.

I’m sorry you have been consumed with grief and disappointment because others have chosen to be selfish.

I’m sorry for your loss of friends, family & joy because of others pride and arrogance.

I’m sorry trust has been broken and lies have been believed.

I’m sorry you have had to endure this journey.

Those things that have been lost are a pale comparison of the things that will be gained. Things such as strength, boldness, tenacity, righteousness, new friendships, new hope, new love, etc…

During painful times we have two choices to make…be consumed by the pain and be bitter or to learn from the pain and become better.
In times where trust is broken we are not commanded to trust those that have broken it, but we are commanded to forgive them whether they are remorseful or not for their actions.

We are to bless and pray for our enemies and not be revengeful…because revenge is of the enemy…and him getting a foothold in the church is why the lies, hurt, deception and manipulation began. Don’t allow the enemy to further his cause through you.

No person is immune from the deception of the enemy…That’s why we need to remember that we do not battle against flesh and blood.

Don’t let what you are walking through right now give the enemy a foothold into your life…You are better than that!

Remember…the enemy wants to KILL YOU. He doesn’t seek to stall you, to maim you, to disappoint you, to make you sad or to make your heart hurt…HE SEEKS TO KILL AND DESTROY YOU…he can do that because he is able to convince wonderful Christian people to believe his lies. Like I said before NO ONE is immune.

During hard times it is important to check yourself daily…multiple times a day would probably be better…because when we think the cause justifies the means we can be on a path to utter destruction!

Hold onto this…God vindicates, God justifies, God knows what’s happening and God’s pure ways will prevail.

Pastor Kelly

One thought on “If you were allowed to write a letter to those hurting … What would you write?

  1. I needed this today!1 Thank you for helping me see it Gods way.. Your still helping from MILES away!!!! I love you and thankful for your friendship..


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